Trike Daddy Customs; Master Drift Trike Builder

Trike Daddy Customs's Bio:

Who is Trike Daddy Customs?  Trike Daddy Customs is Verteran owned and operated company based in the good ole USA. We employee a team of 2 independent fabricators and 1 office staff.  We pride ourselves for our passion for drift trikes.  We are all big kids at heart and enjoy having fun on big kid toys.  Our Drift Trikes represent years of research and development.  We started with the most important part of the trike....  The rider!  The rider has to be comfortable and enjoy riding it otherwise what's the point right?!  Everything from the seat placement, to the handle bars, to the rake and trail were specifically fabricated for optimal comfort and performance.  We pride ourselves on the fact that we designed our trikes from the ground up.  You wont find any carbon copies of someone elses design here.  Our trikes are truely original works of art.   The best part is that they perform just as good as they look!  

So what makes our trikes different than everyone eles?  Well, for starters just lookin at ours will tell you everything you need to know :).  There's no mistaking a Trike Daddy Custom's  Drift Trike. sexty dual dowtube design, the sleek lines, and the big balls attitude just screams RIDE ME!  More importantly we are drift trike riders. We started the gravity trike movement in the USA and took everything we knew about gravity trikes and applied it our powered trike models.  This means that in addition to the sexy looks you also get the performance you would expect out of a drifter.  Our frames and forks are all fabricated here in the USA by Americans for Americans.  No sweat shop workers or low quality Chinese steel will ever be used on our trikes!  We use a beefy 1.5" .095w DOM tubing not only on our frames but also our forks, other companies use either 1" or 1.25" tubing.  This means that a larger rider can have fun too.  Let's face it, skinny kids can't have all the fun right?!    

If you are in the market for a drift trike, do yourself a favor and head on over to and Get Your Slide Right Today!  Be sure to check us out of and


Trike Daddy Customs's Experience:

  • U.S. Navy

  • CEO at Trike Daddy Customs

Trike Daddy Customs's Education:

  • U.S. Navy

    Concentration: Engineering/Psychology
  • Olathe North High School

Trike Daddy Customs's Interests & Activities:

Master Drift Trike Builder, Designer, and Mechanical Engineer, Aviation Engineering, Aviation Mechanics, Avionics, Welding, Drift Trikes, Big-wheels, Metallurgy, metal work, science engineering and technology.